As a trained MER therapist, I am committed to guiding you through this powerful modality and helping you create positive and lasting change in your life. 

Mental Emotional Release® is an advanced therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Matthew B. James, blending principles from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and Time Line Therapy®.

It is designed to facilitate the release of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and traumatic experiences stored in the subconscious mind. MER aims to transform old patterns, heal emotional wounds, and empower individuals to live more fulfilling lives.

What is Mental Emotional Release®?

If you're seeking a transformative and innovative approach to address deep-seated emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and unresolved trauma, MER may be the key to unlocking your emotional freedom and well-being.

In our sessions, we delve into your subconscious mind to identify the underlying root causes of your emotional challenges. By exploring past experiences, core beliefs, and significant events, we gain insight into the origins of your emotional blocks.

The subconscious mind holds deeply ingrained patterns and emotions that influence our thoughts, behaviors, and reactions. Using techniques derived from NLP we access the subconscious mind to bring awareness to these patterns and release emotional baggage. 

MER utilises a variety of techniques to release negative emotions stored in the subconscious. By integrating NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and hypnotherapy, we address unresolved emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, guilt, and shame. This process allows for profound emotional release and relief.

Limiting beliefs often shape our perceptions, decisions, and actions, hindering personal growth and well-being. Through MER, we identify and transform limiting beliefs into empowering ones. By reframing your thoughts and aligning them with your desired outcomes, you can create a positive and supportive belief system.

Creating Lasting Change: MER is not just about releasing emotions in the moment; it is focused on creating lasting change. By resolving deep-rooted emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, we help you rewire your mind for sustainable transformation and personal growth. 

Disclaimer: Please note that while I specialise in Mental Emotional Release® (MER), my therapeutic approach does not include hypnotherapy. Instead, I focus on utilising grounding techniques and practices to support your healing journey. Grounding techniques can help you establish a sense of stability, presence, and connection with the present moment. Kindly be aware that my services do not involve hypnotherapy or hypnotic techniques.

How Mental Emotional Release® Works


Benefits of Mental Emotional Release®

MER provides a pathway to emotional freedom by releasing negative emotions, allowing you to experience a greater sense of peace, joy, and emotional well-being.

MER offers a powerful approach to resolving trauma by addressing the root causes and releasing the associated emotional pain and distress. This enables you to heal and move forward from past traumatic experiences.

Through the process of MER, you gain a deeper understanding of your emotions, beliefs, and patterns. This heightened self-awareness empowers you to make conscious choices and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

MER facilitates transformative healing by addressing both the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind. It helps you break free from old patterns, create positive change, and embrace a more empowered and authentic self.

By releasing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, MER opens the door to personal growth and self-actualisation. You can tap into your full potential, cultivate healthier relationships, and achieve greater success in various areas of your life.

Mental Emotional Release® offers a profound opportunity for individuals seeking to overcome emotional barriers, heal from past wounds, and create positive change in their lives. As your MER therapist, I am dedicated to guiding you through this transformative journey, providing a safe and supportive space for healing and growth. 

Offer: Mental Emotional Release® (MER) 

Participate in Mental Emotional Release® sessions to release emotional blocks and achieve emotional well-being. 

Price: €320 per session
Minimum 4 sessions
Bundle Price: €960